Wood book-shelf

Year : 2012
Design : Sungi Kim + Sungeun Choi
Press : ICON Magazine, 2013

자작나무합판과 줄을 이용한 책꽂이이다.
두 겹의 ㄷ자형 프레임은 기울여진채 겹쳐져 책이 넘어지지 않고 차곡차곡 세울 수 있도록 도와준다.

The bookshelf is created with two identical forms. one form is connected to the inverted other. It’s made with birch wood and a red string to bind them. The tilted form of the interior suggests books to be stacked from the lower end for the intuitive arrangement. The geometric form of the exterior provides comfort in the familiarity with the existing product landscape of bookshelves, and the contrast in the exterior and the interior forms deliver the sense of uniqueness in its style and functionality.