Our lights will lead the way

Year : 2009
Design : Sungi Kim + Hozin Song
Award : iida 2009 / G-design fair 2009

친환경적인 교외 가로등
_태양열 발전을 이용해 자동차가 지나갈 길을 밝혀주는 가로등

Our lights will lead the way
_Eco-friendly Road light for the countryside
The special lane lights sense vehicles passing by and get powered with the gust of wind these vehicles produce.
Having mini-wind-turbines and wireless data link sensors, the lights caution the others in a row at about 50-100 meters,
and the latter start blinking. So, while you take to the road, the peg lights will lead your way and since these ask for nothing to keep illuminating.

9_ourlight1 9_ourlight2 9_ourlight3